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Critical breakthroughs for Personalized Medicine

Advanced Cell Diagnostics is developing a line of novel tissue-based cancer diagnostic tests based on our proprietary RNAscope® Technology. Our diagnostic pipeline represents a breakthrough for tissue-based diagnostic pathology utilizing in situ hybridization, and provides a unique combination of single-molecule RNA detection, antibody-free methodology, walk-away assay automation, and digital data analysis. Together, these capabilities ascribe RNAscope® in situ hybridization (RNA-ISH) based diagnostic tests with both the sensitivity of quantitative RT-PCR and the histopathological context of immunohistocheistry (IHC), which together are essential for understanding the molecular complexity and heterogeneity of cancer. By enabling pathologists with powerful tools for characterizing a patient’s tumor, we are committed to make personalized medicine a reality, with a positive impact on patient care.

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