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PerkinElmer and Advanced Cell Diagnostics Enter Into Co-Marketing Agreement – Sign up for Live Webinar

2013 June 19 | Posted by ACD

On May 8 & 9, 2013 we held the latest of our Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit in Newton, MA where over 500 scientists joined us to discuss how disruptive technologies are being used to advance human health. With over 60 speakers and 6 scientific tracks this was a very dynamic meeting where many ideas were shared and new collaborations formed, with the common goal of improving detection and treatment of disease.

One of the collaborations which most excited us was the announcement that PerkinElmer and Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) had entered a co- marketing agreement. After the announcement, Dr Yuling Luo, CEO and Founder of ACD explained how their multiplexed RNAScope® assays are being used to detect biomarkers in tissues.

As part of this new collaboration we are planning to develop joint applications for the visualization of multiplexed fluorescence RNA biomarkers in situ, in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. This is very exciting as in the past this it has not been possible to detect and quantify RNA in situ in these pathological samples due to lack sensitivity and specificity of labels within highly autofluorescent tissues. By combining the latest RNAscope® multiplexed fluorescence assays from ACD with multispectral imaging technologies from PerkinElmer, we have already shown simultaneous gene expression of multiplexed RNA biomarkers in FFPE tissues. Over the coming months we will be working to further develop applications which will provide morphological context to support genomic analysis of biomarkers.

Contact us for more information or to be kept updated on these developments.

Join us for our webinar, "Multiplex RNA Biomarker Visualization in Cells, Fresh Frozen and FFPE Tissue", Wednesday 24 July 2013 11am EDT/ 4pm GMT

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